Club Rules

Rules for Gorey Tennis Club

The following rules apply to all members of Gorey Tennis Club

  • All games must be pre-booked using Club online Booking System – ClubManager365
  • All players must be named on booking slot
  • Only players named on the actual booked slot, should be on court
  • Juniors are not permitted on courts after 6pm unless in a club organised event.
  • Cancel your court booking even if play is cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • Comply with normal club playing rules
  • Members Only permitted on courts.


Members should behave with the utmost courtesy at all times and consideration given towards other members particularly those playing on court. Members should also treat the courts, the clubhouse and its environs with respect and ensure that no damage is caused to the court surface or other club property. Any misuse of club property should be reported to the committee. If you cannot make your booked game, please cancel it on the system – this is good practice and a courtesy to fellow members.

No food or drink is permitted in or around the courts.

Code of Behaviour

All members receive a copy of the club’s Code of Behaviour when joining.
This is updated regularly and we ask that all members familiarise themselves with the latest copy.

Club Rules

All members should familiarise themselves with our club policies and rules.  These are updated at our AGM and are available and on display in our clubhouse.

Committee Decisions

In the event of any dispute arising between members concerning the running of competitions and tournaments the committee shall adjudicate and in this regard the decision of the Committee shall be final.