Adult Ladder

Application and Eligibility for Junior member to play against Adult members
Juniors deemed by club coaches to be at a suitable level of tennis and maturity will be eligible to enter the adult ladder competition when:

  • Recommended by club coaches
  • Confirmed by Committee AND Competitions Co-ordinators

Please read our junior and adult play policy here

A contact number of an ADULT must be provided for communication with opposition adult players. All contact must go through this designated adult. Adult players should NEVER contact junior players directly and vice versa. If this occurs please report it to any of our safeguarding officers or any committee member.
If coaches have stated that your child is eligible for adult tennis and you want to apply, please fill in the form below.

    Responsible Adult: This is 1 person (Parent or Guardian) that accepts to be point of contact for the junior member and to ensure the below conditions are met.
    In signing this application, as Responsible Adult, I agree to:

    1. Act as point of contact for organising matches with adult members. This includes providing your contact number (NEVER the junior members) when signing the junior player up for online systems e.g. Ladder Competition or Club Championships using Gorey Tennis Clubs Website Application.

    2. Set up an account for my junior on the baseliners web application to monitor matches to be played, get phone numbers of opponents for which I, the responsible adult will contact the players and organise. Once registered, I will sign my junior up to the appropriate ladder e.g., mixed singles, ladies’ doubles etc.

      Baseliners Registration Page

    3. Ensure that any matches the junior I am responsible for are booked correctly at the courts on Clubmanager365 .i.e. using the correct names and booked in the right timeslots.

    4. Ensure there is an adult representative of junior player stated above accompanying at all times when playing against adults.

    NOTE: The role of the accompanying adult representative is strictly to mitigate safeguarding issues and to ensure that the junior player adheres to the code of conduct. It is NOT as an umpire or line judge.