Membership Application Form 2019

    Membership Type:
    Family €220 This covers two Parental members and all children both Junior & Student statusSenior €130 Adult Members onlyStudent €40 Aged16-23 on January 1st of Membership year. Attending 2nd or 3rd level education full timeJunior €40 Aged under 16 on January 1st of Membership year.

    Please review the following in order to complete your Membership Application
    I agree that my data can be used for Club activities and related events
    I agree to abide by the Club's Rules and Regulations
    Do you give permission for my children’s photograph to be taken for use on the club website or newspapers

    I give permissionI don't give permissionNot Applicable

    I would like to be added to the Junior WhatsApp group (if applicable please complete the 'Tel' field with a mobile phone number)
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    Parent/Guardian for Junior(s), or Senior or Student applicant